I stood with a warm cup of tea to kindling my cold hands, as I watched the heat from my breath dissipate into the air infront of me. Here I was, looking out across the rolling hills and rugged landcape, wanting to completely take-in the dramatic scenery, ahead of an engagement session with MacKenzie and Harry. I was excited to be back in Scotland.

There is something special about Scotland. It's almost a tangible feeling of love, mystery and rich history. Almost every single person that I know, who has been fortunate enough to step afoot of the beautiful land, told me they felt a connection. Nothing to do with the fact that it was voted 'The most beautiful country in the world' by readers of the influential travel guide, just real people wanting real experiences who return wanting to rekindle their time on the Scottish mainland. So when MacKenzie told me both herself and Harry would be travelling from the States to Scotland, I wasn't surprised. I guessed that they were just a beautiful couple wanting to enjoy the Scottish highlands. It wasn't until my time with them and their family there that I learnt it was much deeper than that, that they have a strong family connection to the lands. A connection that goes back generations.

A family at home.

I had the most wonderful time with the Mackenzie, Harry and the family. I was fortunate to join them for a spot of afternoon tea and listening to their stories of past trips and travel adventures. For a moment, I felt as if I were sat amidst my own family and friends, before the thought hit me that I didn't want this adventure to end. The entire family were a joyous pleasure and in their element at the GlenEagles Hotel, which they are very familiar with. It showed in the way they sat comfortably back on the chair, the way they laughed as a family, the way they took care and shared with friends. They were in their element and I loved watching every minute of it.

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